Who is
Business Partner?

Sharon Boath – Workflow & Efficiency Specialist

With a background of support in the commencement and growth of small business from the ground up, networking & collaborating with a large number of owner-operator businesses, Sharon understands the highs and lows of starting and running a business, how overwhelming it can sometimes be and how you can make the most of your time in your business.

Sharon has 25+ years of experience in fields such as financial accounting, human resources & various administration roles, collaborating and creating workflow efficiencies, as well as assisting to grow businesses from Sole Trader structure to Company.  Sharon’s focus is helping Sole Traders & Micro Business owners navigate their way, using efficient processes to grow and maintain success.

Sharon can help you find more time and cost-effective solutions to running your business with skills in improving processes and procedures.  By fully understanding your business and where it is at, it gives you the time to actually bring income into your business, easing your workload with the option of taking tasks off your hands with a trusted and friendly approach.

A large network of affordable business specialists, who are also small business owners, work with us to provide you any additional advice or services you may need.

Engaging Efficient Small Business Solutions to provide you with viable alternatives to your business challenges gives you time back in your week to do what you do best!